Environmental Cleanup Campaign

March 20, 2011

Environmental Cleanup Campaign

The World Mission Society Church of God carries out the environmental cleanup campaign throughout the world on a regular basis. Over the years, the number of reported incidents of fly-tipping has been increasing. Whilst fly tipping has become a serious issue in UK and in other countries, the members of the church of God take the initiative in cleaning up the rubbish by footpaths, bridleways, seashores, and besides highways. The World Mission Society Church of God in Manchester, London, and Newcastle have been carrying out the cleanup campaign for number of years to make this world a better place for all.

Working with unity and smile on their faces

Whether it is removing graffiti off the walls or hauling the old bed frames out of bushes, the members work wholeheartedly and with unity.   Whenever the members of the Church of God go out to the streets and pick up rubbish, passers-by and neighbours thank them for their good work. Some of them even bring out water bottles for everyone. All the members of the Church of God work with pleasure and enthusiasm, following the example of God the Father and God the Mother. Through this activity, they hope to keep the earth clean and safe.


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