Disaster Relief for Local Area Communities

January 19, 2014

Disaster Relief

Natural disasters such as Hurricane, Typhoon, Tornado, and flood are something that we cannot control and it comes without warning. As most of the countries have been rapidly industrialized, we are now facing the threat of global climate change. Many parts of the world are suffering from the natural disasters. In order to help those who suffer from the flood in UK, the members of the church of God have volunteered to clean up the flooded area. They removed all kinds of debris such as broken tree, pieces of rubbish washed up on the riverbanks, etc.

Share the Love of God with Neighbours

The World Mission Society Church of God share the love of God with Neighbours who are isolated and are in need. They visit care homes for the senior citizens and welfare facilities for the disabled people to console and encourage them. They prepare various performances to please the audience. All members participate in every activities with sincere heart so that they can feel the love of Heavenly Father and Mother who want to save all 7 billion people.

They are the light and the salt of this world who follow the example of Christ. The World Mission Society Church of God will continue to extend the helping hands to those in need and spread the love of God by doing good deeds.