Volunteers Give Warmth to the Laburnum Court Care Home Residents

March 12, 2017

March 12, 2017, a wet and cold Sunday afternoon did not bother the volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God. The volunteers delivered love and warmth to the residents at Laburnum Court Care Home (manager: Helen McMahon) in Salford, Manchester.

Delivering Mother’s Heart to Laburnum Court Care Home Residents

The volunteers entered in bright yellow T-shirts and animal costumes along with big smiles on their faces. The residents seemed to immediately feel the volunteer’s love and warmth. Even more, they enjoyed the comical dances, dance-a-longs, sing-a-longs and musical performances from the volunteers. The elderly persons along with the carers laughed and clapped along with the musical performances. The tracks included the famous musical ‘The Sound of Music’ and Disney movies ‘The Lion King’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’. Moreover, they were moved by the male trio who sung the hymns “The Bright Heavenly Way” and “Father Came From the East”. At the end of the event, the volunteers joyfully sang the signature tune, “Grandma/pa we love you”.  This brought a sincere happiness to the residents. And to top it all off, the volunteers gave a heartfelt “We Love You!” chant to the residents and carers.

Giving love is better than receiving

After the event finished, one volunteer, Olivia Smith described how the residents were “so happy to see us perform. Giving love and comfort to others is the best kind of voluntary service.”

Not only were the Laburnum Court Care Home residents spirits uplifted but even the carers gave their support. The Care home staff took videos and said, “your performances are so fun, the residents loved it!”. The staff members also said,“thank you, please come again”.

We live in an individualistic society where the love has grown cold even between family members. However, the volunteers of the World Mission Society Church of God will not give up delivering the love and warmth of a mother to all the senior citizens across the UK and the whole world.