[The Bolton News] Church’s Second Mission is to Clean Up Town

January 3, 2017
WMSCOG Clean Up - The Bolton News - Feb 7, 2012

Church’s Second Mission is to Clean Up Town

Scores of church members descended on Bolton to help clean up the town centre.

About 80 members of World Mission Society Church of God carried out the cleanup as part of a global litter pick up volunteer campaign which, members say, is being undertaken to highlight the work of Church of God founder Ahnsahnghong, whom they believe to be the second coming [Christ]. The Church now has more than [2.2] million members in 150 countries.

A spokeswoman said:

“There was a lot of litter in the street. When we were cleaning, many people complimented our efforts and encouraged us a lot.”

The Bolton News
7 February 2012

View photos from the Bolton cleanup.